By purchasing OPIFEX tokens, you agree to the following terms:

  • Opifex Technology does not guarantee any returns, present or future. The price of the token may fluctuate, and Opifex Technology cannot predict its future performance.

  • Opifex Technology is not an investment expert and does not provide investment advice. Any information about the OPIFEX token should not be considered investment advice.

  • Opifex Technology is not responsible for any decrease in the value of the OPIFEX token (up to and including zero), or for the refusal of any exchange or platform to list or trade the OPIFEX token.

  • Opifex Technology is not responsible for any legal restrictions that may be imposed on the OPIFEX token holder now or in the future. The OPIFEX token holder guarantees that possession and disposition of the OPIFEX token is not prohibited by their personal law.

  • Opifex Technology is not responsible for any tax implications that may arise for the OPIFEX token holder, and strongly recommends studying tax issues before purchasing the OPIFEX token.

You are solely responsible for all risks associated with purchasing OPIFEX tokens. Before making a decision to purchase OPIFEX tokens, you should carefully review the information about the token and make your own decision about its suitability for you.

This disclaimer may be amended or supplemented at any time without prior notice.

If you have any questions or concerns about this disclaimer, please contact us at support@opifextechnology.com. Your continued use of the Platform and use of OPIFEX tokens constitutes your agreement to this disclaimer.

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