Unified monitoring, reporting and data management system for Industry.

Opifex is a revolutionary new platform that brings together industrial monitoring, reporting and data management into a single, unified system. With Opifex, you can collect data from all of your industrial machines and IIoT/AIoT devices, monitor your operations in real time, generate customizable reports, and receive instant alerts about potential issues.

Benefits of Opifex:

  • Comprehensive data collection: Opifex can collect data from any type of industrial machine or IIoT/AIoT device.

  • Real-time monitoring: See what's happening in your operations right now, with real-time data visualization and trend analysis.

  • Customizable dashboards and widgets: Focus on the metrics that matter most to you with Opifex's customizable dashboards and widgets.

  • Advanced alarms and notifications: Get notified instantly about potential issues with email and/or WhatsApp notifications.

  • No-code data processing: Easily process and manage your data without being a data expert.

  • Data sharing and integration: Publish data to other devices and provide it as a server for further automation and integration.

  • Flexible reporting: Create customized reports in PDF and Excel formats, and use various graphical widgets to analyze data.

  • Unlimited users and automatic reporting: Give everyone in your team access to the data they need with authorization for unlimited users and automatic report scheduling.

  • AI support: Leverage the power of AI for predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and automated insights.

Opifex is the perfect solution for any industrial company that wants to:

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Reduce costs

  • Make better decisions

  • Stay ahead of the competition

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