How to buy OPIFEX

1. Go to presale webpage

Go to the OPIFEX token presale official website.

2. Connect your wallet

You'll need a cryptocurrency wallet to store your OPIFEX tokens. Ensure your wallet is compatible with the platform and the token.

3. Choose payment method

Select the currency you want to use for buying OPIFEX tokens. The given options are MATIC, USDT, BUSD and USDC, but verify which currencies are supported.

4. Specify amount

Enter the amount of the chosen cryptocurrency you want to spend on OPIFEX tokens.

5. Confirm purchase

Review the details of your purchase, including the amount of OPIFEX tokens you'll receive and any associated fees. Once satisfied, confirm the purchase.

6. Receive your tokens

Your OPIFEX tokens should be deposited into your connected wallet shortly after the purchase is confirmed.

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